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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  March 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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includes kentucky, missouri and ohio state. >> we will see how his bracket does. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. straight up 5:00 right now on this thursday, march 15th. a live look at the washington monument. bright and center, you can see it clearly today. temperatures feeling good. good morning everyone. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. i guess this would be the day to check the felter in the air conditioning -- the filter in the air conditioning system. >> some people may need it. >> yeah, relatively speaking for this time of year. >> depends on your comfort level. >> we are expecting high temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. so warmer than yesterday. and it's possible records call fall around here later today. just incredible. nothing like predicting high temperatures in the 80s.
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and only five more days until spring. >> even though we're knee deep in it. >> it's like summertime. >> 56 in washington. 55 in ocean city. it's comfortably cool for the start this morning. head out in the next hour or two because once the sun gets up, it will warm up quickly. we have this line of thunderstorms. you can see that to the west, the yellow and red. thin line of thunderstorms. some of the cloud cover, some of what we call the blow-off, those storms could reach the viewers to the west. there will be clouds this morning. otherwise, great looking day, great sunshine, warm temperature, in fact, hot temperatures? i guess we could say hot later today. with highs in the low to mid- 80s. >> you know who would know for sure what is considering hot is julie. what would you consider to be hot temperatures? >> 58 and sunny. >> is that hot for you?
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no, that's warm. >> that's like preheat on the oven at your house. >> oven? that's where i keep my shoes. >> right. >> he doesn't know about my cooking experience. >> we don't want him to find out. >> that's true. i tweet sarah before i try to cook anything and that includes boiling water. on the roads, the american legend bridge flowing freely. no problems. overnight road work at the hot lane zone has been picked up. and traffic freely on 95 and 395 traveling between to the pentagon. so problems to report. landmark toward the pentagon, hov lanes at speed as well. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. drivers pay more than $4 a gallon for gas in the capital. this morning, dc's average for a gallon of regular 4:02.
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if you have premium, you know way past that. virginia a mere $3.72. the cheaper prices are farther from the district. and in maryland, $3.83. that is up 13 cents just since last week. it hurts these days. and if you fill up in maryland, you might wind up paying more for gas. >> the governor is asking to increase the tax rate so the state can pay for for trans -- for transportation projects. >> reporter: the proposal would add an additional 18 to 20 cents by adding the state sales tax to gasoline. imagine how much that would cost? but the drivers says drivers will pay a higher price if the revenues to pay for
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transportation projects is raised. he testified yesterday before the house and senate budget committee responsible for advancing the proposal, the dc metro area right now has the highest commuter delays in the country. and he said there are five major congestion relief proconstructs that could be tackled immediately with the revenue estimated at $613 million a year. and he warns there will be consequences. >> none of us wans to pay more at the pump. we do not have to do this. but you here know that if we do not, we will pay for that too. because inaction, especially in this case does have a cost. roads do not upgrade or maintain themselves. bridges do not repair or rebuild themselves. >> reporter: but with gas prices up 40 cents since the governor proposed the gas tax
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increase in january, this does not have widespread support. it does face a crucial vote today and tomorrow in the committees. by the way, the local county executives from montgomery county do support the proposal, but aaa mid-atlantic does not. and coming up in the next hour, we will tell you why. >> that story will continue to stay on top of it. checking more headlines this morning. prince george's county police say they have broken up an illegal gambling operation. officers raided the restaurant last night. the restaurant advertises lottery games, but police say they found 29 slot machines and a whole lot of cash inside the store. police are still investigating, but so far, no arrest. a former police officer in northern virginia is behind bars, charged with sexually assaulting a years ago. a man alleges he sexually
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abused him between 1996 and 2001. the accuser was 12 years ole. he has owned the original soft serve on main street since retiring from the police department in 2004. he is facing 23 charges. a jury found virginia tech officials negligent in the way they handled the campus massacre. the parents of two murdered parents brought the suit because they believe lives would have been saved if the university had moved faster to warn students. the jury determined the families deserved $4 million each, but a virginia law caps such awards at $100,000. a virginia man is free after spending 12 years in prison. he left a court yesterday after a judge threw out the conviction, saying police coached witnesses and lied during the trial. but law enforcement are denying any wrong doing many the case. he was 15 years old when he was
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convicted of killing a 74-year- old woman in 1996. a new twist in the georgetown murder of a 91-year- old social lite. a judge ruled him incompetent to stand trial in the death of his elderly wife. the judge ordered him held for a month of treatment saying he believes he will be competent to stand trial. he is accused of strangling and beating his wife last august. he has denied any wrong doing. several dc councilmembers are under the federal microscope this morning as part of an ongoing investigation into possible campaign violations. they tell us they or their campaign officials have received federal subpoenas asking for past campaign information. at issue, money orders received from jeff thompson. they come after last week's fbi raid on thompson's raid and home. a big white house party
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mixed with celebrities and political money. the state dinner for the british prime minister and his wife was the biggest thrown ever by the president and the first lady. among the 360 people were actor george clooney, warren buffet. the state dinner was held in a huge tent on the south lawn of the white house. and the theme of the night was blue. and the first lady and mrs. cameron both wearing blue gowns. is it illegal? a man says he is being kicked out of his apartment because of his weight. plus, a deadly scene out side a texas courtroom. why police say this man went on a shooting spree. we are checking headlines as fox 5 morning news continues this thursday morning. the word is swapportunity.
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police say ament is unloaded his gun shortly before testimony was scheduled to resume in his aggravated sex assault case yesterday. one woman died and two others were hurt. they evacuated the courthouse. he then ran over his own daughter when he drove away.
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she is listed in critical condition this morning. he was eventually arrested after the shootout at a nearby building. obesity is a real problem that can affect all aspects of life, but imagine being forced to move out of your home because of your weight. a man claims his landlord is e convicting him and his mom because of a weigh problem. the eviction notice had nothing to do with rent. the landlord son confirmed that the family weighs on time. he says it's because of continued violations, but failed to give specific details on the violations. >> just had a shot of the floor, it looked like it was caving in. a deportation rally sparked a rally in the area. details of what happened to one family that has some saying the immigration system is
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broken. if you like sunshine and you like heat, i know many people do, you are going to love the forecast. wait until you see it. details on the weather including the weekend. and a look at the ontime traffic. things running smoothly on the beltway this morning. that's after the break. ♪
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hey, rock stars. yeah, a rock star welcome. for the students at pine spring elementary school. tucker made a visit there yesterday. look at tucker working the crowd. >> what is that button on you? >> that says visitor. >> oh. >> special guest. >> so they don't mistake you. >> the kids were fantastic. first, second and third grade. and you know, i'm amazed at how much children today know about the weather. >> oh, really? what were they saying? >> they know about fronts, know where their states are. >> very smart. >> radar is. >> i'm sure you will be getting ask the weather guy questions from the crowd. >> i think so. we did a little question and answer at the end of our little show. and they always stump us. they have great questions. >> great. you will have to send in video. >> they think outside the box.
5:17 am
yeah, we brought our a-game. >> look at you running. yeah. >> yeah, going through the audience. >> and look at that cool cat with his glasses on. >> the kids were really cute. >> were they asking about unusually warm weather? >> not so much. they want to know what happened to the snow and why they didn't miss any school days. >> yeah, disappointed. that's fun. >> it's fantastic. i want to thank the students and teachers there at pine spring elementary. a lot of fun. and kudos to you guys working all morning and then going out and doing that. >> but it's a lot of fun. a lot of energy from the kids. >> we hit starbucks on the way. >> and a couple of shots. >> right, right. the forecast, more heat on the way. in fact, today we will be warmer than yesterday. if that's a possibility. and we're going to get close to records around here. record high temperatures later today.
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so you can put the top down on the car for another day. 58 right now in washington. we are comfortable and temperatures falling back into the 50s. good morning. you're cool, 45. 56 at dulles. let's do the satellite radar together. and don't be concerned with this, just junk on the radar this morning. and clear skies in the immediate washington area. the the west, that's a -- area. and out to the west, that's a thunderstorm. the thinking is it's going to break apart. but some of the cloudiness could get into the areas out to the west. so if you're watching in western maryland and west virginia, you might get cloud cover. it's possible it could hold together and bring light showers, maybe a thunderstorm to the west. for us, a mostly sunny start to the day. and then clouds move in this afternoon. and we've got the possibility of thunderstorms around here tonight. but the real story will be the heat. and the possibility of record
5:19 am
heat. warm temperatures back today, a frontal system wavering off to the north. and that could bring us showers and storms. the chance tonight and a better chance during the day on friday. this is friday afternoon as the area of low pressure pushes off to the north and west. we're not talking about temperatures anywhere where they should be any time soon. so enjoy the spring-time weather. 83 today. that would be a record. winds north at about 5 miles per hour. mostly cloudy tonight, shower and storm possible. 30% chance. most of the day dry. 57 your overnight low. and the five-day forecast, tomorrow 77. better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. and right now, saturday looks fantastic, 74, cooler with clouds around for sunday. but we will stay dry, 66 the daytime high. that's weather. let's do traffic. not a lot early this morning, still quiet on the roads. traveling in on the beltway,
5:20 am
north of town, the lanes are open, leaving university boulevard around 270. outer loop of the beltway exiting to westbound 66, a stalled car on the right lane. and northbound 95, quiet. no problems in the hov lanes or main lines. that's a check of traffic. >> thank you. a deportation battle sparks a rally in the area. details of what one family says happened to them and why people are saying the immigration system is broken. time now 5:21. hey, i got a leak ! yoo hoo ! wait a minute, come back ! um, miss ? up here! right. like 85% of us, you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, you need something powerful. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner.
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now you can take the lysol dual action wipes challenge for free. check for coupons in this sunday's paper. welcome back. a community is rallying around a family locked up by costumes agents. -- customs agents. they were denied political asylum. >> they even ended up in jail for a few days over this. >> reporter: the chants, the signs, the rally all sparked by what happened to this college student. >> i'll catch up with my school work. >> reporter: his mother and father came to america in 2001 seeking political asylum from
5:24 am
columbia. he says they spent tens of thousands of dollars for an attorney who was eventually disbarred. they lost their plea, so last wednesday, customs agents showed up at their home. >> my dad walked upstairs. i was about to get ready for school. and all of a sudden, my dad is like, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, immigration is here. and we were in maximum security for about four days. >> reporter: outrage by what happened, his friends took action. >> a group of 20 of us close friends and community members got together in a basement of a friend's house. and we were like, we can't let this, we have to stand up for this. we can't just let this happen. >> reporter: they started organizing a social media campaign with videos and pictures. their online petition got more than 5,000 signatures. they contacted lawyers and elected leaders. >> we believe that many more hundreds, maybe thousands of
5:25 am
families in our county and around maryland could be placed in the same situation that his family just were placed in. >> reporter: after four days in a maximum security facility, his family was released. customs have now given the family a year to get legal. supporters say his case highlights what they call a broken immigration system. he says this is only the beginning of something much bigger than what happened to him. >> my friends, they were able to pull this out and pull this together. and now, now i feel it's our responsibility not just to me, but to everyone else to make it fair for not just myself, but everyone else living in my same situation. >> and last august, the obama administration announced plans to review the case of people currently in removal. the big story affecting just about all of us, we're all just like this, you got to be killing me, you fill up the
5:26 am
tank lately then you know. the gas prices are going up, up, up. >> reporter: yeah, and could be going up higher for maryland drivers, as much as 18 to 20- cents a gallon if the governor's proposal goes through. why he says drivers need to pay that now. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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welcome back. it is thursday, march 15th.
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half way through the month of march. washington monument on the right. we can see them today. those days when it's messy and rainy and foggy and humid, we're not going to like it a bit. >> those days are over. >> until august. >> until the foreseeable future. >> enjoying a beautiful day today. lots of sunshine, warmer than yesterday. if that were possible, well it is possible because it's going to happen. and when it's all said and done, probably talking about record temperatures later today. so enjoy. maybe wash the car. that's a good idea. >> get out in the yard. >> i've had birds that enjoyed the car. >> have you? >> oh, yeah. >> down to the car wash. and you were saying you needed to clean up the yard. >> yeah, thanks for adding to my list. >> your honey-do list. >> are you two done? >> yeah, sorry. >> straight to the weather. temperatures 58 in washington. 58 in ocean city. your forecast for today, get out and enjoy the beautiful
5:30 am
day. we're going to work in her garden later today, harvesting, i don't know what. 83 will be the daytime high. and the record is 81. so the record is about 22 years old. and let's turn now to your ontime traffic. good morning to you. good morning everyone. off to a quiet start northbound along 9 awith no trouble spot in the main lane or hov. light volume on the beltway. outer loop to westbound 66, the stalled car reported along the right side. outer loop at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. gas prices are on the climb. as of this morning, dc's average for a gallon of regular is 4:02. obviously the cheaper prices will be further away from the district. in maryland, the average is
5:31 am
about $3.83. that is up 13 cents since last week. but drivers might wind up paying more for gas. >> he is pushing for lawmakers to increase the tax rate so the state can pay for transportation projects. we are live this morning with the latest on the governor's proposal. >> reporter: good morning. well, the governor testified yesterday before the house and senate committees that are responsible for advancing his proposal. it faces a crucial vote in committee today and tomorrow. if it's approved by the full legislature, maryland would have the sixth most expensive gas t he -- gas in the country. and though it's unpopular with driver, the governor argued that the revenue must be increased. congestion is among the worst in the nation and the governor argued the roads and bridges are in danger of becoming unsafe. >> progress is a choice.
5:32 am
none of us wants to look back some day as bridges start collapsing and closing in our own state and tell us our kids we could have done, but we chose not to. we chose instead to simply kick the can down the road. >> reporter: the proposal would add about 18 to 20 cents a gallon. it would be phased in over three years. it is expected to raise more than $600 million a year. and the governor says it would create 7,500 jobs. now aaa mid-atlantic says now is not the time to raise gas tacks and it says there are not enough protections to make sure the did additional money raised through the tax -- sure that the aaa decisional money raised through the tax is used for the road projects. a former police officer turned ice cream shop owner is charged with sexually assaulting a young boy years ago. a man accuses him of sexually
5:33 am
abusing him when he was a police officer. the accuser was just 12 years old at the time. he has owned the ice cream shop since retiring from the police department in 2004. a jury found virginia tech officials negligent in the way they handled the campus massacre that left 33 people dead in 2007. the parents of two victims brought the suit because they believe lives would have been save fort lauderdale the university alerted students faster. the jury determined the families deserved $4 million each, but a virginia law requires such awards capped at $100,000. more about the man who killed hi estranged wife in maryland -- his killed his estranged wife in maryland. police say he shot her tuesday. and hours later after a manhunt, he took his own life. beth parker spoke with a man at the house where he showed up
5:34 am
after the killings. >> reporter: he was an excon with a long history of violence. he has known him since high school. >> loose canon, we were all afraid of him. we tried to be on his good side. i helped him a lot. one of a few friends. you know, lived out of his car. if i met him today, we would walk the other way. but we were high school friends. and he basically just lived the wrong life. >> reporter: he was at work tuesday when the phone rang and his father told him that he had shown up at the house. he says he told him the story of how he went to story where his estranged wife was staying. >> he found there. he worked her over. i mean, he actually broke the butt of the gun, the stock of the gun on her. and he had taped it together with duct tape. >> reporter: police say he shot ask killed her and dumped her body on connecticut avenue as
5:35 am
witnesses watched. >> he just tells us the whole story of what he did. and he had the firearm. and he kept playing with it. and checking it. and everything like that. and for a couple of hours, we were talking to him. we turned on the tv. and showed him, you know, that he was on, you know. and he said he's not going to turn himself in. he said he's going to have a shootout. >> reporter: he has a long criminal record. his estranged wife had protective ors from way back in 2004. in the news room, fox 5 news. up next, a big day ahead for former illinois governor rod blagojevich. but one he is not likely looking forward to. we are checking headlines. first, a check of the markets right now. it shows wall street is on a six-day winning streak. the nasdaq added about a point. and japan's nikkei is up 73
5:36 am
points from overnight. 5:35. we will be right back. 
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headlines this morning. serious up rise -- syria's up rising is one year old. just yesterday, the syrian army took control after three days
5:39 am
of heavy fighting. a peace envoy is supposed to brief the united nations tomorrow. and the security council is going to consider another resolution. more than 8,000 have died in the last year, including 400 children. former illinois governor rod blagojevich reports to prison today. he appeared to get emotional during a news conference yesterday. he was sentenced to 14 years in a wide ranging corruption probe that including trying to sell president barack obama's senate seat. the girlfriend of mob boss whitney bulger has cut a deal. yesterday she pleaded guilty to charges she helped him evade capture. under the plea deal, prosecutors have agreed not to add more charges. he was captured with him last
5:40 am
year in california. he pleaded not guilty to participating in 19 murders. a new comedy this weekend coming up next. you know this isn't looking good. the new movie, he lives in his mom's basement. no, that's the name of it. one of the stars sat down. stay with us as we continue. time now 5:41. what's better then a s'more?
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just about 5:44 on this thursday morning. the beltway this morning, things looking smooth right now. and as far as your weather goes, things looking good there as well. especially if you like it warm. >> yeah, a smooth ride today hopefully. >> yeah, temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. yesterday turned into a nice day with highs in the low 80s. today maybe mid-80s for parts of the area.
5:44 am
especially central virginia. and we will come close to setting a record here in washington. >> the day you want a convertible. yeah, and on the trials too. >> you wait all year for the convertible to you can use it that one week. not too hot, not too cold. isn't that true? >> and right here. reagan national, 81 degrees. and again, that's the record high for today. and i think we will be 83, 84 this afternoon. so get ready for record temperatures. dulles 80 yesterday. right now, we cooled off. and we're comfortable. 58 in washington. off to the north and west, 40s breaking out. 46 this morning in martinsburg. so nice start to the day. sunshine up in about an hour or two, about 7:30. and then we will enjoying warm temperatures shortly. we've got a line of thunderstorms to the west. and we will see how well these hole together.
5:45 am
the forecast, the computer models want to break that up pushing into the area of an high pressure there. is what we call just feedback here on the radar. not getting rain across the washington area. a few clouds later today, but otherwise, a warm, very spring- like day with temperatures near record territory. sunshine, record warmth, 38 degrees, winds north at about 5 miles per hour. the pattern breaks down a little bit tonight. the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. 5 for the overnight low. and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. best chance will be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. should get it out by early saturday. and the weekend not looking bad. we should be dry, and cooler by sunday with highs only in the mid-s. a. all right. that's a look at that time weather forecast. i'm offering a fine forecast. what do you have? >> not a lot going on right
5:46 am
now. it's quiet on the roads. volume increasing northbound along 95. check out the ride behind you. right now, no incidents have been reported. hov lanes are starting to stack up there as well. eastbound 66, heavy and slow trying to work your way through centerville. no problems east toward the beltway. and then southbound 270 quiet headed towards german town. i'm in the middle of something. >> what do you do in the basement, you're not cleaning it? >> do you really want to know? >> no, you're right. >> some people can relate to the movie. in a new movie opening tomorrow, he stars as jeff who
5:47 am
lives in his mom's basement, content to just watch the world pass by there. >> i don't know if we want to know. we spoke with him about the challenge of injecting humor into a character that doesn't display a lot of emotion. >> one of the great things is that your character is looking for signs to find his path in life. and when you first started off in this business, what was the role that you took? that side of a role that you think landed you where you were? >> meeting jeff. that changed my life. i was 18 years old. and he has been my mentor ever since. and to a lot of us, me and jonah hill and our whole group, he changed our lives. and he's been there every step of the way. >> reporter: and was there a specific role you took? >> yeah, that's where we all met. yeah, i was 18 years old. and we did this show. and we had the confidence of youth and we were naive and we
5:48 am
felt like we could accomplish anything. and he fostered that. he told us we could accomplish anything. and next thing, we were doing movies. >> reporter: is it harder to be dramatic or comedy? >> i know this sounds strange, but i don't try to make someone laugh. i just try to do what the writers ask. you know, i try to service the writing and just be regular. >> reporter: i was reading that you don't take movies unless you're scared to take the part. >> and i prefer movie where is i'm sitting. >> reporter: yeah, i was reading your twitter the other day. is there a particular role that you scared the most? what was the scariest moment for you, like role to take? >> i was scared of sarah marshall because it was the first movie that was written that was made that i did full frontal nudity. and the muppets because i
5:49 am
wanted to honor the legacy that meant a lot to so many people. and i was scared of this because the goal was so be incrediblely natural. which as an actor, you are tempted to do something. you know, you want to show that you're doing good acting. but with this, the real goal was to be super calm. >> reporter: do they really use your real pictures in the old ping which you ares -- old pictures? >> this is me literally before i arrived to new orleans there. is me now. >> funny guy. looks like a good movie. and we're going to have the interview with his co-star coming up. >> it does look fun. the redskins kicked off free agency with a bang. >> who will they target next? sports breakfast coming up. but first, if you have a sweet tooth then the my fox
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than the leading all-purpose cleaner. cook with passion. clean with easy-off. time now to say good morning to today's fan of the
5:53 am
day on facebook. his name is steve nelson. he says he and the kids watch every single morning. we were giving him a hard time about the eagle's sweatshirt, but he wanted to mention and we wanted to, that they wanted to be picked in honor of his uncle dave. thank you to you and your family. and if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, head to facebook and search for fox 5 morning news and place your comment under the photo or steve's photo. >> good day steve. good morning to dave. >> yes, and not talking eagles. but we're talking redskins and about free agency. and of course they made a big splash with wide receivers the other day. but today they're kind of, they're going defensive here. i think the next guy they'll try to bring in is this guy, ross, he used to play for the giants. won a couple of super bowls up there.
5:54 am
we know him well. and he has victimized the skins in year's past. we will visit here tomorrow. we found out that just because you visit doesn't mean you will be here. >> how do we fine out about this? >> yeah, at the palm, yeah, out there, dance night. >> yeah. >> but a lot of the guys, they tell us on twitter and facebook and let us know, i'm going to be in dc. and this is where i'm going to be. so they don't necessarily, one like one who said i'm signing with the red skins before he signed, but ross said he's going to be here and have a meet and greet. ross would be a help. we will see if that works out. we know it's march madness, kicks off today. it's going to kick-off tomorrow. they hit the road yesterday for columbus, ohio. they are taking on the 14. georgetown is a three. which is high. it shows that the committee
5:55 am
put stock in what georgetown did in the regular season. but again, all of that, those seeds, doesn't mean anything now. now you just got to survive and advance. that's what the tournament is all about. we are in columbus, reports starting at 5:00 today. because he's a hardworking sports director. >> and we were reporting, where are all the fans? >> they have been there, done that. this is like old hat. not that they're not excited, but more excited for the sweet 16 or elite 8 or the final four. they expect to win the first couple. >> calm, focus, relax. >> just get it done. and how about the washington capitals, they are holding down the eighth spot in the eastern conference. and good news here, they might get back, remember this hit, watch the elbow to the face? he has been out since january 3rd because of that concussion. but he is making strides, may
5:56 am
be back sooper rather than later. -- back sooner rather than later. freon is back from suspicion. so looking good -- green is back from suspension. finally, spring training yesterday, the washington nationals, back on the slab. and didn't pitch that well. and not been pitching as well as we expected. he made chipper jones look old here, but chipper is going to be 40 years old. >> come on, 40 is not that bad. >> in baseball terms. the opposite, the young kid, going the groundout. but back at the line-up. here's what we're talking about, going to get lit up. my goodness. that thing is just up, out in a hurry. but it's only spring. so don't panic. we're not panicking yet. >> thank you. if you wanted to tell your
5:57 am
boss when you really think, see how one high profile executive quit his job. >> really? >> no, no. plus, checking the morning commute. and tucker has your forecast. fox 5 morning news continues after this.  oh dear...
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